social projects

Development and evaluation of social projects

Development and evaluation of social projects
Training – Training

  • The framework of social policy in Latin America.
  • Decentralization of the social sector.
  • Decentralization and educational policies.
  • The focus of social development projects.
  • Action research, participatory research and IPA: three different and articulated paradigms.
  • Participation, organization and social development.
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of social projects.
  • Interest groups.
  • Communication in community organizations.
  • Strategies of collective participation Networks and organizations.
  • Social development and human development.

Consulting – Consulting

  • Research projects and teacher training.
  • Management projects and curriculum development.
  • Community projects and participation for casino en ligne.
  • Analysis of the environment and the context for the elaboration of social projects.
  • Participatory construction of social projects.
  • Management and management of social projects.
  • Participatory evaluation of social projects.
  • Sustainability analysis.
  • Impact analysis.
  • Ecology of social projects.


  • Activation of social projects in specific scenarios.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of social projects.