Special services

The Francisca Radke Foundation for the development of the National Pedagogical University has a package of special services based on:

  • Technical organization and logistics of events.
  • Financial management in educational organizations and administrative status of resources.
  • Design and production of printed and interactive materials.
  • Institutional financing and portfolio management.
  • Budgets and institutional projects.
  • visiter le casinoAdministration of resources to third parties.
  • Rental of laboratories and equipment.
  • Elaboration of educational materials to the institutional measure.
  • Design and management of computer applications.
  • Plan for the use of laboratories and equipment for scientific training.
  • Development of educational software.
  • Rental of laboratory equipment for teaching.
  • In addition to the aforementioned services, the Foundation in relation to the National Pedagogical Institute (dependency of the UPN), is in charge of the restaurant management and school transport.