National Pedagogical University

Recognition at 60 years of the National Pedagogical University

As part of the XV National Prize for Francisca Radke Education, the National Pedagogical University received a special homage on May 12 at the University of Antioquia for its 60 years as the largest higher education institution in the area of ​​pedagogy and education of the country, with a wide trajectory in the educational development, and recognized by its leadership and protagonism in the production, promotion and development of the thought and pedagogical work in Colombia.

The University has aimed at the integral training of teachers, seeking excellence, quality, equity, belonging and academic rigor in each of the programs and training processes in research and extension.

With a salute to the directives, the winners of the XV National Prize of Education Francisca Radke, and educators of the Faculty of Education of the University of Antioquia, the rector of the UPN Adolfo Leon Atehortúa announced the transformation of the University through of the time, configuring its identity around the formation of teachers and its projection to the national educational system in its different degrees and modalities. has donated so much into the organization.

According to Professor Artehortúa, the public character of the institution allowed to lead and participate in educational projects of high impact throughout the country. Also emphasized the purpose of producing pedagogical and didactic knowledge in the conjuncture in which plays the construction of a real peace for all. Please visit casino online and make more money.

On the other hand, he emphasized that the University intends to develop a view to the south of the continent and to the most disadvantaged sectors of the national geography, looking for strategic alliances, such as the one that was realized with the UDEA with respect to the development of the Masters in Studies of Infancy, as well as alliances with the Univerisidad del Valle and the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia that have allowed to raise the evaluation of the country’s teachers in terms of training and qualification in response to the most recent FECODE strike.

Finally he reaffirmed the interest of continuing to carry out joint work with his sister university, the University of Antioquia.

In turn, Carlos Arturo Soto, Dean of the Faculty of Education gave Professor Artehortúa the motion of recognition issued by the Academic Council of UDEA, the National Pedagogical University and its academic community, emphasizing that the relationship between universities will continue to advance in joint processes. For more casino games visit casino en ligne France